2014 has been a great season, a great year.  Full of personal and professional development.  I am excited to see what 2015 will bring, but first I want to thank some individuals that have really helped me out this year.  

First and foremost I have to thank my Father and coach.  We joke and refer to him as “doach” sometimes.  Not only is he an AMAZING father, but he is my closest friend, he is my coach in sport and in life, he is a masseuse, personal assistant, maid, training partner, travel companion, and counselor.  A great shoulder to cry on and a great drinking buddy when the occasion calls for a celebration. 

Next up JD.  JD, another “best” friend and a wonderful doc.  I really wouldn’t be racing the way I’m racing if it wasn’t for him and the work we do together.  I feel like I met him by chance, but I am so glad that we have partnered up.  I look forward to all the work we are going to do and shake up the world while we do it!  

Mike!  What’s up buddy!  You an old friend.  I love you so much bro.  You call me after every race to see how it went.  Half of the time you know my splits and run times better than I know them myself.  Thanks for being a wonderful friend!  

Coach Eric.  Thanks for taking me on and kicking my but in the water.  To think I went from swimming 100s in 2 min to now knocking it out in 1:10.  

My competitors…. Guys you rocked it this year and I can’t wait to toe the line with some of you guys again next year.  

Mario.  Thanks for all the body work you gave me…. It’s a shame that we no longer get to work together (sponsorship from another shop) but a big thanks!  We’ll have to catch up soon, this time off the massage table.  

Anne.  You are a killer bike fitter, friend, and cycling advisor.  I don’t really know a thing about bikes (other than how to ride them).  I greatly appreciate all the work you do for me.  

George.  Bro.  You are THE best mechanic in the game.  Thanks for always taking care of my rides!  

Leila.  I know you don’t know much about the sport.  But you gotta be one of my biggest fans.  I owe you vacation… we’ll get on that in 2015! 

Chris and Dave.  Thanks for all the work you done with me in the offseason.  I look forward to killing it with you guys in 2015.  

To my 2014 Sponsors/Partners.  Thanks Smith Optics (you guys were my first ever sponsor to believe in me).  Thanks Enzo Cycling Products, Kiwami, and the folks at Specialized for all the parts!  Some of you guys I’ll be continuing the journey to World Champion and Olympic Champion and some I wont.  To those that I will be continuing to work with… I can’t wait to see what 2015 and beyond will bring.  To those that aren’t, thank you very much for the killer support you have given to a young American triathlete.  It’s a hard gig to get started in and I appreciate your advice and work that we have done together.  

I’ve got a lot of other people I am sure I have missed.  My apologies…. But I thank all of you guys that are here with me!